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Florida Approximately

Jesus Christ, he thought. How much longer was this going to take? And, come to think of it, how long had he been here already? And now that he really got to thinking about it, what the fuck was he doing here in the first place?!             The room was boring. Really boring. Really boring with really bright florescent lighting overhead. Go figure. And yet it was beyond florescent somehow. Not brighter. No. It's just that it was...or made everything seem...more boring? More stale. It caused the furniture and fixtures in the room to appear plainer than they were...if that was even possible. The effect was nauseating and, as if to purposely increase this sensation, wouldn't ya know it; the light above him just had to be buzzing  and blinking a bit.             His chair was uncomfortable too. It was as if there was a part of it directly underneath his ass that had bowed under prior stress and finally broken so that now both butt cheeks were cradled and practically s…