Mei Mei decided to get a job in the city. She didn’t really know what the city was. Her parents had never taken her there. But she’d seen things. She’d heard things. She knew that they dressed differently. Spoke a little differently. But most of all, she knew that that’s where all the art was. And the technology. Which, after considering it a bit, she concluded that art and technology kind of went hand in hand anyway. But either way. It was where she wanted to be. Mei Mei was a teenager. She loved the internet. Probably a little too much. At least that’s what her parents would say. And she would sometimes think that they probably regretted buying her that laptop. That it made her disconnected, they said. That one day they would come home and find her hands pressed up against the screen (from the inside) and that she’d be screaming to get out and that they’d have to call a professional to release her from this apparent cyberspacial trapdoor that she’d somehow slipped into, they said. Y…
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